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10 Ways Our Lives Changed After Cell Phones Became Our Friends


To say that cell phones have changed our life completely would be an understatement. Cell phones have not JUST changed our lives but overtaken them!

There was life before cell phones and it can never be the same again. Ever!

We are increasingly becoming dependent on cell phones and a new kind of fear has been added to our list – that of being “out of touch”. Today, every one is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to get updates or text away on trending news.

Here are a few reasons in form of pictures that say life is great before cell phones:

10 Meeting friends was actually ‘meeting’

9 Waiting for the bus

8 Memorized phone numbers

7 Big addiction

6  Called someone but they didn’t pick up

5 The world must know what you eat…. That’s it!!

4 Kids getting too much screen time

3 The bed must be reserved as a place for sleep and sex only

2 If earlier, your news reading was a coffee event with an in-hand newspaper, it’s now online

1 Smart phones….What would we do without you??

No wonders, we get to hear every now and then that life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits!!

Oh, darn it, my phone battery conked off! Someone get me the charger! Quick! Super quick!!



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