Watch Lady Gaga Go Ga-Ga Over
Kangana’s Ghani Bawri


Singing sensation around the world, Lady Gaga goes ‘Ghani Bawri’ . 

We have seen Obama speaking Punjabi with Modi, but Lady Gaga singing Haryanvi is just epic. This video of hers might give you a jaw ache, as she is simply rocking. The song was picked up from the first 100-crore movie of 2015 “Tanu Weds Manu Returns“.

This Kangana Ranaut and R Madahvan starrer was the first and the biggest hit of 2015.

The video was posted by a fan and is so well edited that in the beginning you think that Lady Gaga actually did some Gaga in desi style. So be ready because the shots in this video will actually make you go ‘Bawra’ and addicted to this video of desi Lady Gaga Sangwan.


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