Suicide Squad‘s Joker Reveals Muscular Body On Instagram



Jared Leto revealed his new muscular body on Instagram.

Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto has revealed his new muscular body which he has built for the role of Joker in Suicide Squad.

The first Suicide Squad photo of the maniacal and tattooed new Joker was unveiled last week.

The latest Instagram photo lends more credence to predictions that this new Joker will be markedly different than Heath Ledger’s master manipulator or Jack Nicholson’s laughing lunatic.

The 43-year-old’s slim look in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ has been replaced with a boxer’s physique, suggesting the new-look Joker will be markedly different to Heath Ledger’s iconic performance of the character.

It also represents a change from Jack Nicholson’s infamous ‘laughing lunatic’ portrayal of the Joker.

Director David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’ brings together DC villains aiming to gain redemption, mandated by government operative Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

As the mission unfolds the Suicide Squad come across other DC villains including Slipnot, Plastique, Killer Croc and the Enchantress.

Suicide Squad is currently filming in Canada ahead of cinema release in summer 2016.

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