Don’t Be Surprised, Divorced People Give Tips On Successful Marriage

successful marriage

You must be speculating how can a divorced person give advice on how to have a successful married life. If you think for a minute then you’ll realize that divorced people can give the best tips to save a marriage. Because they have gone through the phase of losing the most important person in their life and the special relation in their lives. It’s likely that they have pondered over this thought repeatedly thinking what went wrong and what were the mistakes made by them and their partner. Here are 10 marriage tips assembled from divorced people.

Show Love and Support

It’s a common saying ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’. The secret to a happy married life is that you should express your love and support every day. Your home should be a place where each partner feels loved and safe.


Be Open to Sex

It’s a common notion, men want more sex than women but in many cases the reverse can also happen. The point is to be open about sex, partners should discuss and know about each other’s sexual needs. Married couples who fulfil and take active part in satisfying each other’s sexual needs have a better chance of bonding.

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Embrace Imperfections

To maintain a happy marriage, couples are advised to pay closer attention to each other’s imperfections and learn to appreciate them. This helps them to know the positive and negative aspects of their independent nature. This acceptance helps them to forgive and attain inner peace.


Avoid Tiffs

At times, married people end up in ugly fights. They start insulting, accusing and saying awful things to each other. In the heat of argument, they start hurting each other. It’s a thumb rule to never hit on each other’s vulnerable points, because once you cross the line and say unacceptable things, it’s difficult to bring the relationship back to normalcy.

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Express Feelings

Many couples separate due to not expressing anger and disagreement. These lead to more misunderstandings, conflict and negative feelings. In a healthy relationship, couples keep the gates of communication open. They discuss about issues and resolve the root cause of the problem in a productive manner.

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Learn to Give Each Other Space

After marriage it’s obvious the couple will be spending most of the time together, but this doesn’t mean they are bound to be together 24X7. Everyone needs some alone time to destress in their own way to indulge in things they like. The important thing is to provide room and stay together by managing the differences.

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Discuss Money

Financial issues play a major role of creating stress in marriages. Couples should clearly talk about their monetary habits and discuss how to handle money. When both the partners are working, they should work out on issues like who’s going to handle what so that they can maintain balance. Talk about the harder things too, like life insurance. Unfortunately, we never know when we might die, so it’s a good idea to have your finances in order for your other half should the worst happen to you. An easy way to approach the subject is to start by looking at reviews online for life insurance providers, such as this one for Geico Life. That way, it can feel more like shopping than planning for the end of your life.

Ultimately, a healthy marriage relies on just a few key things. The most important of which is obviously love, but communication, trust, honesty and being open with one another also play a major role. Just don’t forget to have fun!

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