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These Signs Will Help You Check If You Are Ready For Marriage!

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There are people like me who are still confused about the right time to get married. The toughest choice of yours which is going to be life altering cannot be taken overnight, right? With a great deal of time, thought and personal satisfaction we decide to tie the knot. And for those who can’t make up their minds, here are a few KHURKI signs that would help you.

1 Excitement levels go up

That kick you get when you start dating someone special – the excitement, the cute texts and sacrificing your sleep just to talk to him is beyond everything. If this is the case, then it’s a good sign that you should marry that guy.

2 The ‘M’ word doesn’t scare you any more

Whenever you think about settling down with your partner, you focus on all the good things about marriage. You understand that it’s not going to be excellent but as long as you have each other, you can get through anything that is thrown your way.

3 No one else appeals to you any more

When there is plenty of fish in the sea but you no longer feel like fishing – same goes with the attraction in the society for opposite gender. You realize there is always going to be someone better out there.

4 You try to sort things out

No relationship is successful without arguments or opposition to each other’s decisions. This is to be expected and believe me it is perfectly normal. Initially, it may be difficult to accept and deal with but with time you learn to let go of some things.

5 You start visualising your partner in future

There is never a time when you don’t think about your future together. Not only that, you talk about the future with him and how you want them to be a part of it. You want to go around the world, have a family and grow old together.

6 They feel like a part of your family

There will be a time when you eventually meet each other’s families. In some cases, it may turn out to be the worst nightmare. While some of us are lucky to leave a good first impression, others might not be that lucky. Meeting the family always puts a lot of pressure on you. But all you have to do is treat them well and make sure they know you have good intentions regarding your partner.



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