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Like Women, Guys Too Are Insecure About Performance In Bed!


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7 Biggest worry is about size

This is no surprise to anyone that men do worry about their penis size because there is a lot of hype about how big you are. We call it hype, of course, because it’s not actually real. But it’s everywhere and the most understandable fear…

6 Experimenting with different techniques

It’s good you want to please your partner and trying different techniques is just a way to ensure what you desire. But just like other situations, anything being tried for the first time is going to have some anxiety about it. We can totally understand the worry.

5 The ‘O’ word

Actually it’s a valid worry because it’s hard for a woman to climax, but it’s not rocket science – it just takes some practice, skill and loads of love.

4 They are insecure about their bodies, too

Most regular guys are insecure about their bodies. They worry about not having six-pack, biceps and about too much hair.

3 Worry about taste

Really sorry about that but it’s true.

2 About their performance

When a man is performing, it’s impossible for him to relax. Along with the performance, many of them think: “Am I rocking her world?” “Where should I finish?” “Did I finish too early?”

1 Is she faking it?

Not every woman fakes orgasm, but I think they must speak up when they aren’t experiencing pleasure and that’s what most guys worry about.



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