Can You Love Without Ever Meeting Your Loved One?


Amrita Garg
I love solving puzzles, coz i'm a mystery myself. I'm an exploring addict cause getting in touch with nature gives me answers, sometimes...okay most of the times!

Love without the eyes having met ever? A la Bollywood’s “Sirf Tum”. Read on…

Connection of hearts

This kind of love is really very special…It might just sound interesting to us, but for those who are in this situation must feel a very special chord between them and their unseen love. And this unseen partner would be the most beautiful creation of God.

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Outlook doesn’t matter

When you love from your heart, you actually love another heart and during this phase, the face of that heart doesn’t matter. You completely fall for that heart and its inner beauty that its outlook becomes negligible for you.

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Imagination becomes your best friend

The imagination of that loved one will become your best friend as you’ll start talking and sharing your emotions with that imagined picture. You wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from thinking about him/her. He will tease you, sometimes pamper you in your dreams. Trust me this wait would be the feeling that would be out of the world.

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Ik mulakaat zaruri hai sanam

This is the situation you are ready to die for, as it offers a glimpse of your loved one. Your love is as pure as a divine blessing, where your love is your devotion and same is the fruit of that devotion.

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Eventually, dating would be the answer

First meeting with your loved one

That would surely be out of the world. That feeling, that nervousness, that excitement, those butterflies you just can’t help it.

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