How Do You Know If Your Girlfriend’s Feelings Are Fading Away?


Amrita Garg
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I my sound to be questioning my question, but feelings and love can’t fade away. They might be hidden somewhere or clouded by some other emotion, they cannot go away. Try to find it. If you think your partner is acting different or indifferent, try to love her more, trust her more and everything will be normal. Feelings can never change, it’s time i.e. changing and with time that passion and that romance can all become a little less. Love is not changing, the manner of expressing it could be changing.

No long phone calls

Are you feeling that you guys don’t have the long phone calls you used to have earlier? You might be missing the fact but don’t make it a reason to fight. Maybe she is genuinely busy with her work or personal stuff.

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No excitement

Your way of expressing love and care may have changed with the status of your relationship having gone long term, but that doesn’t mean there’s no excitement. It’s just that the way of expressing it is different now.

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No updates

Earlier, she might have given you timely updates about herself, but now things have changed. She is not having time to do so and moreover she’s self dependent now!

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Possessiveness is gone

It’s known as a sign of love, but if there’s no possessiveness it does not mean that there’s no love. It actually means that there is complete love and trust. Though she may even kill you if you would be at fault.

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Quite busy

In the earlier stage of your relationship, she might not have been that busy and involved as she is presently. So that’s not her fault if she cannot make time for you. You should be cooperative in such cases.

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Takes quarrels lightly

It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care. It’s just that she knows that your bond is strong enough to be affected by such squabbles. And this is otherwise very important for a healthy relationship.

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No insecurity

Earlier she used to have a weird insecurity about you, but all that is gone now. Some guys interpret it as signs of fading love. But it’s just that her love is above all the insecurities and she trusts you more than her own self. 

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