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What All You Can Do When Your Husband Works Abroad?


No one really wants to stay away from ones spouse after marriage but when your husband works abroad, turn it into a positive situation. The situation comes with benefits that may surprise you. They say distance makes hearts grow fonder and that it also brings in the missing for each other and the physical longing. So, it is actually healthy for couples to spend time apart. But the question is how to appreciate the benefits that being temporarily separated has to offer? What to do when your husband is away on business? Don’t you worry pals, Khurki is here to help you manage your time when your spouse is not with you at home.

8 Learn to be alone

Spending time apart from your partner will teach you how to enjoy being alone since you have so much time without him. Accepting this fact of ‘me time’ will lead to a more satisfying relationship.

7 Managing a household

Since managing a household is much more difficult without support, it drains you of all your physical and emotional energy. Now you don’t need to keep your house spotlessly clean and tidy all the time. Just do as much as you can.

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6 Take care of children

Having children to take care of further complicates the situation, as raising them alone can prove to be a major challenge. Accept this challenge ladies, I know we can do it alone 😉

5 Build new relations

Organize get togethers with your neighbours and other mammas for a kitty or a play date. Complete that promise of coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Do something that builds relationships with those you know or those that you don’t know yet.

4 Stay connected with your husband

Audio or video call – do it at least once a day. Ask him about his job and share all that you did during your day. Sharing things with partner make the relationship long lasting.

3 Find support

Always find support from family members or friends in times of emergency. When your husband is not with you, they can help you with homework, profession and specially with emotional support.

2 Carve out for ME time

Don’t sit around being sad that your husband is away. Instead make plans to meet friends or do something that soothes your soul.

1 Go to gurdwara or mandir

And God forbid, if you feel sad, depressed, alone, isolated or left out, don’t forget to spend time with God. Get connected with our creator and give all your worries to him.



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