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40 Lives Lost To Heavy Rainfall In Himachal Pradesh

SHIMLA: In Himachal Pradesh, monsoon is set to depart after rainfall killing 40 people and 136 cattle beside causing loss of around Rs 880 crore to public property. Maximum loss of around Rs 230 crore has been suffered by Kangra district alone. The state government is compiling the data to seek compensation from Centre for the damages suffered during the season.


Among all the departments, public works department (PWD) has suffered the maximum loss of over Rs 607 crore, irrigation and public health department of Rs 152 crore, power department of Rs 7 crore, horticulture department saw a loss of Rs 16 crore, agriculture department of Rs 7 crore and education department suffered loss of around Rs one crore.

Sources said after compiling the data of loss suffered during entire monsoon season, state government would submit a detailed report to Centre to seek funds to compensate the damages and for this revenue department has already started preparations. Sources also said during monsoon season every year, incidents of cloud bursts, flash floods and landslide causes extensive damage in the state. During last three years around 250 people have been killed in the state, sources said.

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