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Follow DIY Grandma Tips And Say Goodbye To The Salon!

Grandma tips

In the olden days when we had a problem, we consulted our elders specially our Grandmas. Nowadays, we Google it! But no matter how much you may argue, nothing beats the hands-me-down knowledge you get from your elders. We have for you today some grandma tips that are sure to make you look like a princess and make you look beautiful from within.

5 Start your day with a glass of water

Most grandmas swear by this tip. The first thing you need to do when you wake up is to drink a glass of water. The water will flush out all the toxins and refresh your skin from inside. The beauty tip to grandma’s glowing skin.

4 Have water from a copper jug

Our ancestors have been having water stored in copper jugs since centuries. Obviously, they knew what they were doing. Water from a copper jar is great for the hair and digestion. Just ensure that the water is stored for at least eight hours.

3 Don’t hurry through your bath

Most grandmas will ask you to bathe like a princess. Which also means that they are suggesting that you use honey to massage your body in order to make your skin supple and soft. But since you might not have time for this, just buy a good quality glycerin soap.

2 The dark circles need to go

Chai might be your favourite drink, but did you know that your eyes would love a good soaking of teas bags too. Placing tea bags on your eyes can help you get rid of puffiness and dark circles. Just ten minutes can make a whole lot of difference.

1 Pinching the pimple…what’s that?

If a pimple is spoiling your mood and your chances of enjoying a party next day, do not fret! Just dab the acne and pimples with tooth paste and see them disappear the next morning.



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