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8 Perfect Reasons Why Fooling Around With A Friend Is Disastrous!

No strings attached, friends with benefits and blah blah – this stuff can get you in real trouble. At work place, college, gym, you might end up having friends with benefits. Or may be the damage has not begun yet, you are just having ideas for such a thing. Well, if you are having such disastrous ideas of fooling around with a friend, you have landed at the perfect page. You must have done some selfless good, for the God has blessed you with this blog.

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We see Hollywood films, how things are complicated in a friends with benefits relationship but everything goes well in the end. And that’s where things go all wrong, because that’s not true at all. You are not Chandler & Monica, who fall in love and things go perfect. As life is no TV series or a film, it is real and brutal. So as a reality check, I have brought to you reasons why you should not take the disastrous step.

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She/he might develop attachments

You might develop an attachment for that matter, or may be your FWB partner. And that is no less than a disaster, as it will bud expectations and then heart break.

You get paranoid every time you see each other

There are maximum chances that you both are from your “regular environment”. And bumping into each other would be a difficult and awkward moment.

Friendship is over

Ahh, that is it, you ruined the friendship for the momentary pleasures. It will definitely make you both less of friends and more of benefits.

Any idea would appear to be THAT idea

Now that you bump into each other quite often, your mind will give signs, all WRONG. Even a normal handshake would have the warmth of a different kind, which might be in your head only. A meaningless natural smile will give you many double meanings. That’s how this stupid brain works!

You might lose emotional support for a physical one

Again, emotional talks would go out of your lives, at least with that person. Because emotional talks can lead to attachments for each other which is never a good idea. So even when you need someone badly, you cannot even talk to the person you are often sleeping with.

Dating would be even more difficult

The fact that you making love (F**ng) to someone else would simply haunt you before dating again. And you are not that person who would not tell all the truths before getting into another relationship.

It is a kind of relationship

Oh yes another relationship, because for if you are doing it just so you are not ready for commitment you are in trouble and commitment as well. It is a RELATIONSHIP.

Guilt hurts

What hurts more than hitting your tinnie tiny finger on the corner of the furniture. Well this is it, the guilt you will have afterwards. And the guilt is not gender biased, be sure of that fact. Fooling around with friend, is not just a normal mistake.



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