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How To Control Your Anger Before It Controls You, Layman’s Guide!

They say anger is one letter short of danger and it is certainly dangerous. We all get into situations where we simply lose our patience and blow up. It is more dangerous than you think it can do to you. The person who is most affected by your anger is nobody else but you.

This is no anger management guide, you don’t have to manage it, you have to get away from it. Holding on to anger is like drinking poison, and expecting someone else to die. Those aren’t my words but the words of the wisest of all, Lord Buddha. But it is easier said than done, telling somebody about anger issues might piss them off. So yeah do not try teach anyone, you just practice. Here are a few layman tricks which are effective in getting out of that volcanic emotion of yours.

Say ‘Hang On’ To Anger With These Tips..!


No, do not break things, but take a break the very moment you feel the anger. Take a break and get out of that situation immediately. Reason being you might end up using curse words for somebody and regret later. So live guilt free and get lost!!


All you had to do is add ‘ord’ to your Wifi, this technology is a gem for someone the anger issues. I just made up this technology and this how it works, all you have to do is use calm words. Use words like, ‘Keep Calm’, ‘take it easy’, ‘Om’, et al. It helps, it certainly does and can improve your anger issues and especially your negative reactions.


You must have heard people telling ‘take a deep breath’, well it’s high time you should listen to them, and take a deep breath.


This is the best resulting trick to control your anger reactions, but it will take practice. All you have to think is the pleasant things/situations/people of your life. May be your child, love, a particular moment with them or something else. Think of that amazing thing just before you are angry. And you will be calmer then ever before.

The ‘H’ Factor

Try to see the humour in what angered you might help in the situation. At times all you need is the brain of a comedian and things will solve. Try & laugh at the things that make you angry or may be some part of it. Look for the comic side of things and life will be easy.

Ask Yourself

The moment you get angry at something, ask yourself whether it is worth it?
Sometimes all we have with us is frustration, high blood pressure and some other issues complimentary with anger. So ask yourself what is more important? Is it worth it??

Yoga & Meditation

Yes, people do advise you this many times, and there’s a reason behind. It is a long term solution, but is very effective. You will feel the difference within weeks of regular yoga or meditation.

So, Keep Calm and don’t loose your sh*t!

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