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Places That Offer Good Food, All Under 100 Bucks In Chandigarh!


Good food is not always high priced. A true food lover would definitely go by the taste, quality & quantity of the food. And if you are a true food lover, Chandigarh is one place you can try the best of cuisines. You get the best of almost all kinds of food in Chandigarh. Majority of the city’s population is Punjabi, people who are born food lovers. Majority of student population is also here, thanks to the renowned colleges in the city and the edu-giant Panjab University. Sometimes hunger is bigger than depth of your pockets. But there are people who take good care of small pockets and big hunger. And trust me, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the food served.

These are the places to hop on to when pockets are not deep but hunger is as deep as a black hole.

The Indian Coffee House Sector 17

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If you have roots in Chandigarh, your parents would definitely have stories to tell you about this place. Every damn thing on the menu is below 100 bucks. You enter this place and welcome the 90s. This place actually has that kind of vibe. Cold Coffee is a must try!

Night Food Street, outside PGI

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Okay, a bit of the compromise on the quality but I couldn’t skip this from the list of 100 Rupees Club. Almost everything is below 100 bucks, place is at its peak during night hours. During the day you will only get juices, egg parantha is a must try.

Student Center Panjab University (Stu-C)

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If the heart of the city is sector 17, then soul of Chandigarh lies in Panjab University. PU’s student center alias Stu-C is a great place to have some great food. No compromise on quality and quantity as well. A paneer thali would cost you less than 100 bucks and a lot more good food options available at this price.

Classic 44, Sector 15

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Another place right next to Panjab University, is Classic 44 (though you may question the 44 in the name) a quick bites bakery. Sector 15 has a lot of student crowd. And this place is quite popular among students. You don’t have to compromise on the quality at all. Garlic Chicken Roll is my personal favourite.

Amritsari Kulcha Hub, Sector 9

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Even if you are full, you can’t resist a bite or two from a plate of the Amritsari Kulcha at this place. Every option on the menu is less then 100 bucks. Kulchas are simply mouth watering and worth your try. You visit this place once, you will definitely go there again. Paneer Kulcha is our all-time favourite pick from the place.

Garg Chaat, Sector 23

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90% of the menu is less then 100 bucks and 100% of the menu is tasty and fresh. I don’t know any Chandigarian who hasn’t had chaat at this place. Gol Gappas should be your first pick!

Bholey Di Hatti, Sector 44

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Another economic and mouth watering eating joint of the city. Everything on the menu ia under 100 rupees. The place is best known for their Samosas and hence that’s what our recommendation for you is, go and eat now!

Industrial Area Chane Bhature

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The common Indian food is alive because of vendors like him. This guy is there in Industrial Area, Phase I, Chandigarh. Ask anybody or try catching a whiff amidst the car showrooms, you will be able to locate his rehri. Under a tree in a hot summer or a winter afternoon, a plate of Chane Bhature from this guy is food for soul. Ditch those swanky malls for once yaar.

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