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Top 10 Yummiest Cakes From America!


Priya Aurora
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Americans love their cakes and pastries. And we adore them for it. Their chefs can cook up some of the most amazing cakes on the planet.

Have a look at some of the most amazing cakes from America:

1. White Chocolate Lemon Blueberry Cake


One bite into it and you will find a lemon and blueberry filling hiding behind a chocolate frosting. The lemon slices and berries make it really yum.

2. Black Forest Cake from Crixa

Black Forest Cake

People say it tastes like a cloud of cherry. This black forest cake tastes as yummy as it looks.

3. Red Velvet Cake from Macrina


The secret to this cake is the buttermilk. It has four layers filled with cream.

4. Coconut Layer Cake from Peninsula Grill


If you love coconut, you will surely love this cake. It has layers and layers of sweetened coconut.

5. Canel’es from Ken’s Artisan Bakery


It sounds like a tough name, but in fact it is a cake with a soft custard center and deep golden on the outside.

6. Lemon Cake from Betty Bakery


This beautiful cake is dipped in a double lemon glaze. A lemon cake is a must have in this lifetime.

7. Tomboy Cake from Miette’s


This cake is crumb free and is loaded with raspberry buttercream. The base of the cake is a double chocolate.

8. Coffee Crunch Cake from Alexis Baking Company


This is a simple basic cake, which give you a kick of coffee crunch at the end. The frosting too is made of heavy cream and coffee.

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