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Identify Reasons Why Your Friend Doesn’t Ever Text You First!

Friend circle… seems like you are also feeling the lack of this support system in your life. I think you hardly get any chance to reply to your friend because you are always like waiting for their replies to your texts. Because it’s only you who initiates the conversation and just need a reply in response, but it hurts a lot when you don’t get that. Your friend seems to be very busy or they could have forgetten you as a friend and just your name remains in their phone directories! But you can give them the benefit of doubt if you want to… and KHURKI will tell you how, because we believe that every relationship should go on. It can be transformed but cannot die..

They could also be busy

Everybody is busy, aren’t you? So give them the benefit of doubt in this case.


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They can also have some problems

Problems…oh these are a part of everybody’s life and your friend’s life is no different. And, probably this time she/he wanted to handle it themselves. Not even you are allowed to enter, so what’s so bad about it. Everybody needs some personal life.

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You can’t be important always

You want to be important in their life and who does not want that? But with time, friends also change, friend circle changes, selection also changes, parameters of selection change. So grow up and accept the change.


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You could be in the same position

So if you want to compare the two of you, compare it this way that if you were in her place would you think you at fault.


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Distance doesn’t mean ‘distance’

Probably, you are not a part of their daily schedule any more, but that doesn’t mean you are not a part of their life.


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They do have other friends also

With time, the preference of people varies. You may no longer be special to them but remember you still share a special bond called “friendship”. It doesn’t matter who starts the conversation, what matters is the conversation.


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