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Why There Should Be No Communication Between You And Your Ex!



Time comes and time goes. People come and people go. There is a point in life where we have a person with a special relation. In the modern world, just two alphabets explain that relation ‘ex’. Somebody with whom you were in a relationship but things didn’t go well. And that is where the sign is quite correct and clear. There should absolutely be no communication between you and your ex. Having no communication doesn’t mean that you hate that person or you bitch about them. No communication between you and that person means you don’t exist for them and they don’t exist for you.

It’s indeed a blast from past

You are not together any more clearly means that either you or he/she was not good for you. And that relationships is over with or without it was a blast for both. So no need to bring things back together.

Image Source India Today

Nostalgia is momentary not hourly or daily!

You go through your phone’s gallery, suddenly the ex’s picture pops up. That very moment might be nostalgic but there is no need for them to come back to your life. Or even making a call for whereabouts, nope bad idea.

Image Source ohmymag

Don’t think of getting back

And now that idea of getting back together would keep on coming to your mind. You should go beyond that one person, nothing should hold you back. A famous quote closely meant that if a person loved you, they will come back and if they don’t they never did.

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You may develop a sense of guilt

Having any communication with your ex will make you think about things of past. And all you will get out of this will be nothing but guilt. You will think of things you have done wrong. Even if they were not something ruining your relationship you might end up considering them as big mistakes. And that is where guilt is born.

Image Source India TV

It holds you back from future

Holding on to past will delay your future. Life is too short to crib about what happened in the past. There is a lot to explore in life instead of getting back together dude.

Source The Indian Express

You need to grow beyond

And with exploring more and more you need to grow beyond that one frigging relationship. Because everything bad awaits a later good so try looking beyond for the sake of that good.

Image Source The Indian Express

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Devashish Vaid
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