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So You Think You Two Make A Happy Couple? Let’s Test!

If you and your partner are only discussing the weather and the neighbours, then you need to read on. According to many researches, the first sign of a happy couple is their ability to talk about everything under the sky.

If you are a happy couple, check if you can talk about these things:

1. Your most embarrassing moments

If you can’t share your awkward moments with your man, then something is seriously wrong with you. Be ready to hear his stories, no matter how horrifying they are.

2. Political opinions

If you are scared to share your secret ballot with him, then something is really wrong with your chemistry. You guys should be so comfortable, that you can have a loud discussion and then go back to making love, just like any other day. A good relationship is one, where you give space to each other.

3. Fears and insecurities

man hiding his face with the hands on white background

Are you scared of spiders and lightning? More importantly does he know? You both should be so close that you know each other’s worries, fears and vulnerabilities. Without judging each other!

4. Your childhood

It has been seen that in most relationships, a man or woman will share their childhood stories, only with someone whom they trust completely. If you don’t know anything about his school escapades, childhood friends, or teachers, start asking now.

5. The past

This is a debatable question but needs to be mentioned nevertheless. There is a thin line between wanting to share and being compelled to share. In most relationships, there comes a time when you naturally feel comfortable to share about your past. Wait for that time, when in doubt!!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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