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You Need To Know The Real Peshwa Bajirao!


Priya Aurora
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The movie Bajirao Mastani is all set to take the nation by storm. But how many of us know about the man – Peshwa Bajirao?


Before you watch his screen version, it is time you got to know about the real man, the legend. In India, we fondly called him as ‘Rau’.

1. Bajirao started accompanying his father to the battlefield when he was just 12


2. He grew up to be the finest field marshal in the history of this country. He changed the Maratha history single handedly


3. By the age of 20, he had fought in 35 battles and won each one of them. He was most acclaimed for his excellent warfare strategies


4. The battle he won against the Nizam got him accolades from every corner and made him super powerful


5. He was the son of Radhabai Peshwa, who trained him to be a great administrator and a well-respected ruler

Radhabai Saheb Peshwa

6. Bajirao had two sisters called Anubai and Bhiubai, who too was excellent at governance and a great help to her brother

Sukhada and Anuja are cast in the roles of Bajirao’s sisters Anubai and Bhiubai in the movie.

Bajirao Sister's

7. Mastani was Bajirao’s second and most-loved wife


8. Together, they had a son who was born on Ramzan and was called Shamsher Bahadur Krishna Singh


9. Final resting place of Bajirao is in Raver close to Indore in MP


10. Bajirao had met Mastani when he was 31. She was a skilled warrior and stood next to him till he breathed his last


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