You Loved Her, But She Dumped You! Here’s What You Must Do…


Amrita Garg
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It can be really hard to find that your loved one does not love you any more! You feel like you loved her more than your life, but she dumped you for no reason! Accepting the quirk of fate can be quite hard. But you have to end that relationship and wipe out those memories that hurt you! So you better maintain some distance from those memories which are not less than horrible nightmare for you! But how? Let Khurki do some counselling about the ways to get yourself out of all the sadness and miseries!

Don’t be alone

It’s the worst thing most of us do after breakup. Being alone is equal to being depressed in such situations. You can go and have a sound sleep of long hours to relax yourself.

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Be surrounded by family and friends

Otherwise get yourself engaged with family talks and discussion. This will help you get out of the situation as soon as possible.

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Block her

If you think it’s all over and you don’t want to patch up, then just block her from all your possible lists. You will feel better if you don’t want to feel for her ever.

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Vent yourself out on paper

Just take a paper and pen and let everything out of yourself. Half of your frustration will go away!

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Maintain distance from her memories

Just change your viewpoint about everything that reminds you of her, because throwing it out will be ultimately your loss. Why would you do that if she means nothing to you now? Moreover, it does not make any sense too!

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Delete her photographs

What good are her photographs if she’s no longer important to you? Her smiling face would seem to be making fun of you. There’s no point of keeping that collection with you now!

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Get your emotions out

If you want to cry, then do it. Go to your bed, tightly hug your pillow and just shed your tears but don’t stop them. Tears are an amazing way to let tensions flow out of your system!

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Discover the ‘new you’

She might have dumped you, but tell yourself of the great life waiting for you. Just go ahead, take your first step and try to explore your new self.

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Pick the alternatives, if any!

But first give yourself some time. Understand life once again. Then, if you feel like having someone then go for another relationship!

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Get involved in activities

If you are not able to forget her, just try to concentrate on your hobbies and try to explore them more! Go experiment with your hobbies. Doing new things will really help you forget her sooner.

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