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And You Thought You Knew All About Boobs! Read On…

It’s a man’s favourite part of a woman’s body and every man looks at woman’s boobs when she walks past him, no matter what age he is.. Am I right or am I right??

Lols I know I am absolutely right..

We all know that a woman’s breast is basically meant to feed her kids. Her nipples are her arousal areas and of course they are the reason for her curvaceousness. But there’s a lot more to them than mere fiddling and staring..!! If you would like to get a boob job and want some surgery to enhance your boobs then Dr. Carlos Mata is available, to help you feel more body confident about your breasts, and to rejuvenate you. However, there is more than just the visual aids when it comes to boobs, so keep reading!

Lemme tell you the facts here:

1. Nipple Orgasm

Did you know that some women (only some) can even have an orgasm even with a nipple play.. that’s only if you know what exactly you should do..!!

2. Pregnancy changes size

Pregnancy and nursing tend to increase nipple size, sometimes permanently. Pregnancy also deepens the pigmentation. So in case you see her size changing then you know that you are going to be daddy soon..!!

3. Areola for nursing

A female breast has pigmented area around the nipple called the areola. This has several small openings arranged radially around the tip, called lactiferous ducts, from which milk is released during lactation. Besides the ducts, there are some small openings called the sebaceous glands. These can be quite obvious and are raised above the surface of the areola, giving the appearance of “goose-flesh”.

4. Colour changes with age

The colour of nipples depend on genes as well as the age of the woman and of course on the fact whether the woman has had babies or not. The colour ranges from pink to red to dark brown or nearly black, but generally tends to be paler among people with lighter skin tones and darker among people with darker skin tones. A reason for the differing colour may be to make the nipple area more visible to the newborn.

5. An extra nipple

One in every three people are born with an extra nipple which actually is of no use but is there.. Some even get an extra nipple attached..!! Trust me that’s true. Well the ones born with an extra nipple don’t really get bothered, as it gets pretty unnoticeable with time.

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6. Father feeder

Yep, you got that one right..! Do you know that even fathers can feed? If the male breasts are suckled too long or massaged for an extensive period of time, then even the male breast can start lactating.

7. Milking baby

Sometimes, a new born too has milk coming out from its tiny li’l nipples..! Not that the baby has some abnormality, it’s only due to the hormones passed on by the pregnant mother to the baby. With growing age, the baby nipples grow normal.

8. Hairy nipples

According to the body type, nipples can be surrounded by hair. Sometimes the hair growth can be thick, so the lady could go for hair removal or else can stay natural, simply loving the way she is.

9. Breast cancer

Misshapen nipples or lumps in the breast can sometimes be a sign of breast cancer (god forbid).. in case the nipple colour changes, it’s a red alert too.

10. Sensation loss

Before you go for breast augmentation, you should know that the breast implants can make your nipples less sensitive. You should bear this in mind if you are considering getting your own cosmetic procedure done. The bigger the implant, the less sensitive your nipples will be. So therefore, the whole purpose of making good love with the person who adores your big boobs may be lost due to the fact that his touch may literally not arouse anything in you..!! After finding out this piece of information and you still decide to go ahead with this procedure, as long as this is something you truly want to do and you have done all the research you can, from looking into something like Breast Implants in Philadelphia, to saving your money and speaking to a consultant in person about the procedure, I guess you should be all good to go. This all depends on where you are in the country and maybe even what you’re looking for – it might not be breast enhancement that you’re after. Body Sculpting, as it’s known, covers all sorts of procedures, so you may find for body sculpting denver is the place to go – you will find that the options will be pretty much limitless. If doing this makes you feel a bit more confident about your body, then that’s all that should matter.

Did you know that staring at a woman’s breast is actually healthy..!!

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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