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Yami Gautam Calls Out Film Companion For Her Dasvi ‘Vicious’ Review

Yami Gautam’s strong reaction to review of her latest release Dasvi by Film Companion is drawing supportive reactions from the fraternity.

Dasvi was released on Netflix and Jio Cinema on Thursday April 7 and also stars Abhishek Bachchan and Nimrat Kaur as film leads. While Abhishek plays the role of a politician, Nimrat is his wife in the movie and Yami has played the role of a cop.


Dasvi is a political comedy and drama portraying the life of an uneducated chief minister and journey of his personal growth. It also goes on to highlight the value of education.

Back to Yami’s strong reaction to criticism, especially since she is known to be an open-to-criticism actor. Taking to her Twitter account on Thursday, Yami said she found one of the reviews of her performance “extremely disrespectful.”

She noted that she has worked hard as a self-made actor to reach here and requested the publication to not review her again.

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She was reacting to a review by Film Companion. The actor shared a screenshot of part of the review, which read, “Yami Gautam is no longer the dead girlfriend in Hindi films, but the combative smile is starting to get repetitive.”

She added, “It takes years of hard work for anyone & especially a self-made actor like me to keep proving our mettle again & again with every opportunity. It’s heartbreaking since I did look up to @FilmCompanion once upon a time, but I don’t seek that since long now! I would request you not to ‘review’ my performance henceforth ! I’ll find grace in that & it’ll be less painful.”


Supporting Yami’s strong reaction to the distasteful review, filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri patted on her back. In his tweet, Agnihotri said: “Bravo, Yami Gautam for speaking up. You need no certificates from this vicious mafia led by Anupama Chopra.”

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