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X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Won’t Let You Blink!

After the X-Men; Days of Future past, director Bryan Singer has now come up with his next X-Men: Apocalypse.

We have a pretty decent amount of info about Apocalypse, his goals, his agents and who will fight him and where. The plot is typical that the end of world is nearby and we have lost all the hope of saving it. But this is again something you and I are not at all tired of watching.

Apocalypse the first and the most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X – Men universe awakes after thousands of years. Now he is more powerful and has a team of other powerful mutants.

Clearly they don’t like the world of present days. Hence, they want to destroy it and as said in the trailer want to create a new world with the ashes of the present.

The complete responsibility of saving the planet comes on to Raven played by Jennifer Lawrence with help of James McAvoy the Professor X. They have to lead a team of young X-Men to stop the destruction of the world and for the existence of mankind on the planet.

Releasing on 27th May, this film with an amazing star cast is the one which is very difficult to wait for but definitely worth each second of your wait.

WATCH the trailer of X-Men Apocalypse!


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