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Some “Wow Clicks” That Really Need Your Attention!


And these Jugaad simply deserve your applause!

Hacks aka Jugaad in India, but hey, it is not just the copyright of Indians to be good at Jugaad. There are many people...

These Memes about 90s will give you a dose of laughter, provided you lived the 90s!

The years gone by always end up giving you mixed feelings. It is not about time passed but how fast the world has changed...

#SanjuTrailer is out and it gives birth to another meme trail you will love!

The internet is not at all tired of praising Ranbir Kapoor's rather Sanjay Dutt's Sanju. The trailer has crossed 16 Million views in a day...

CBSE Class X results are the gold mine of memes, here are the best of the lot!

With anything major happening in our country the netizens are treated with whole lot of memes. No matter what kind of news it is,...
Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
I love solving puzzles, coz i'm a mystery myself. I'm an exploring addict cause getting in touch with nature gives me answers, sometimes...okay most of the times!

Now-a-days technology is playing a major part in all our lives. In fact only technology is playing because we are just losing it. And to fill this gap of losing moments we are using the concept of “capturing moments” and ironically for this task again we are using another gadget called “camera”. And I must say this gadget is amazing us with the type of advance features and the wow clicks it is upcoming with day by day. So now, KHURKI will take you to the world of wow clicks where you won’t even want to blink, as these captured moments will not let you to do so!

O oo the dog is trapped!

Can you help him??

Image Source: brightside.me

Wish I could have wings like this old man!

Or should I say like that butterfly? Oh I’m confused!


Be careful!

It can hit you with its horns.


Ok now that’s a perfect catch

Is it more mouthwatering or more amazing to see?


So very cute!!

You have to look at it again to realize the height of cuteness.


Isn’t it a perfect click?

Can you realize the heights of the vision.


One thought that comes to my mind seeing this is…

Is it the magic of pencil of Sanju from Shakalaka Boom Boom? Remember?


Have you seen it before?

Would it be right to call it a “Moon Lamp” spreading light all over Dubai?


It’s hot!

Beauty set on fire….


Imagine if all the birds start doing this…

This “out of focus” thing is the only thing that needs to be focused upon. 😉


It’s different

I’m sure you’ll realize it later and harder….


Get set go….

You missed the track!


Dekho chaand aya chaand nazar aya….

See how perfect direction can give you a perfect sail….


Look at that cloudy dragon….

Oh my God, spewing fire! Is’t it scary?


What an idea Sirji….

Is he trying to have rest over water bed? Hahaha


Images Source: brightside.me

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Some “Wow Clicks” That Really Need Your Attention!

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