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Keep Your Country Clean This World Toilet Day!

On World Toilet Day today, Khurki wants to spread the word about sanitation and hygiene. 19th November is designated as World Toilet Day by the United Nations.

By raising awareness of this vital cause, we hope to draw attention to the need for better toilet facilities in third world countries.

As our contribution, let’s look at some sanitation facts:

Courtesy: Livemint

1. Roughly 2.4 billion people – or about 1/3 of the global population – still don’t use a basic toilet


2. Some 946 million people or 1 in 7 people worldwide, practice open defecation


3. A whopping 9 out of 10 people, who practice open defecation, live in rural settings


4. Poor sanitation increases the risk of disease and malnutrition, especially for women and children


5. Nearly 1,000 children die every day from diarrheal diseases linked to lack of safe water, sanitation and basic hygiene


This year, World Toilet Day is focusing on the link between sanitation and nutrition drawing the world’s attention to the importance of toilets in supporting better nutrition and improved health.

Research suggests that simply providing a portable toilet can make a huge difference to impoverished communities. Put simply, third world countries sometimes lack the necessary plumbing systems to accommodate other types of toilets, but portaloos offer a potential solution to these disparities.

Khurki’s health practices for children on World Toilet Day addresses four key areas:

1. Encourage everyone to use toilets for defecation

2. Wear slippers to the toilet

3. Wash hands with soap and water

4. Pour water after using the toilet

For some lighthearted fun check this out:

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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