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Bad Fight? This Is How You Can Woo Your Girl Back Again!



“When I make a mistake, she gets angry. She starts crying and so I have to say sorry to her. When she makes a mistake, I get angry. I yell at her, so she starts crying and I have to say sorry to her.”

Man, that’s the way it is, okay?!! Get on with it.

The song, “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” seems to play in the background and the task before you seems impossible.

Honey, trust Khurki, it is not. If you really love someone, there isn’t any reason for you to get uneasy just because you have to apologize to them.

Khurki has a complete list of 10 pointers for you on how to apologize to your girlfriend and woo back your girl. Before you start with this list, take a deep breath and let the temper out through a long, slow exhale..

Own up!


Firstly, you need to genuinely realize that you have hurt her feelings and have to make it up at any cost.

Talk it out!


Communication is the key, so communicate well. But before talking, make sure she wants to talk to you in the first place! In most circumstances, a girl is so mad at her BF that his face acts like a red flag in front of a raged bull!

Cool down, woman!


Send some flowers and soft toys. Shop online for her or show her some love verbally!

Go to the root of the issue!


Khurki thinks it’s time you try and find out what’s wrong and why is she upset. It is very important that you ask her instead of supposing what could be the reason. By taking out time to understand where exactly the problem is?

The 3 golden words ‘I Love You’? No no no ‘I Am Sorry’!


Khurki suggests never think of saying something like, “I know you think I was wrong. So alright I am ready to apologize”?

It is as simple as: “I made a mistake. I am very sorry about it.” You cannot have a substitute for a confession. SAY SORRY.

 Give her time


She is angry, remember? May be she will try to throw you out of the room or ask you to leave immediately. You need to tell her you are there to apologize.

Don’t dare to roar or yell or talk over her, as it will only make things worse! If you see that she is super upset and is not in a position to handle your request for forgiveness at the moment, leave.

Ask her if it will be alright for you to call her later.



Now that she is ready to talk to you and listen to your apology, make the most of it and don’t goof up!

Calmly talk to her about the reasons why things happened the way that they did. You can say something like, “I owe you an apology. I should have never lied to you. I know it is a horrible thing I did and I know that trusting me again will be difficult for you. I really love you and cannot even bear the idea of a life without you. Please give me a last chance to make it up to you. I promise to never repeat what I did.”

And make sure that you look her in the eye when you say this!

Make her feel good


You need to patch it up completely and seal it with kisses of love. Romantic, eh? You need to make amends for the mistakes you made. A quick meal, a little sorry note, a handwritten love letter… And when nothing else works, a kiss always does. Tiptoe and steal the perfect kiss. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly).

Never ever repeat your mistake


Do you really know what sorry really means? A sorry is like a promise that you make, seeking to restore the bond of broken trust once again.

Now that things are looking a little better, you must take all precautions to not end up in a fix up to the same point all over again. Khurki is sure you don’t want to be singing “Now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing with another man!” do you?

Go for a date!


Finally, end the day on a high note by turning it into the perfect date night at home. Plan a little surprise at home. Let the romantic night seal the deal. With the love of your life in your arms and her favourite food, nothing can go wrong!

Remember people, making someone fall in love with you for the first time is extremely easy compared to wooing someone who has fallen out of love with you.

Try hard for it!

Aanya Manchanda
Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!

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