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What Do Women Think About Hairy Guys?

We are the mammal variety that is supposed to be born with hair at all places barring the palms and soles of our feet. So, why is there so much fuss about it? Why do we fret about it all times? Why do we undertake painful measures to get rid of them?

Is it ok for men to be hairy? Or are they too supposed to take care of them like the women counterpart?

The next most obvious question is What do women think of hairy guys?

Do they accept them as they are? Do they want deep dank forest hair to be trimmed off? Do they just find it disgusting and totally appalling?

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Well, we’ve had opinions/comments/reviews to keep you educated with what majority of girls think about hairy guys.

Here’s what KHURKI has collected from ladies on the topic:

1. Men are supposed to have hair everywhere



2. Body hair are masculine

But not too much hair… NO?

3. Ewwww, Yuck!!

This is gross!

4. Unhygienic

Well, too much hair is!

5. Little hair is acceptable

Gardening can be a good hobby!

6. Don’t look like a terrorist

Listen, my hair love you!

7. I don’t want a man to comb his chest hair

Haha. Well said girl.

8. Curly hair look good only on head

Lol… Another gunshot!

9. Trim off when you’re going to the pool

… and let people feel comfortable!

10. Only beard is acceptable

Thank God, it is!

11. Real men don’t wax!

Some say boys should not wax, trim their body hair as it’s just not meant for them.

What if a man likes to groom himself and feels hygienic? Well, you really can’t say waxing is a girly thing because, if a man likes it, then it’s perfect and eventually a good habit.

Here’s a video of SORTEDD.com, which has interesting and humorous answers.

What’s your take on this, COMMENT below!

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