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Hey Guys! What Do You Think Women Love About Men?

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Women, aah they have so many things to love. I mean just check out a woman’s love for dresses, accessories, home products, kitchen things and yeah how can I forget their love for shopping? But you all men don’t get upset because there are some things that women love about you also. And being very nice to you, KHURKI will get you out of all sort of confusion. 🙂

1 The way you blush

I know boys rarely blush, but the fact is they do it sometimes. And your girl surely loves that “kabhi-kabhi vala blush”.

2 The way you wrap her in your arms

A long lasting hug where she can have a sound sleep and forget about everything else. She will melt in your arms and find eternal solace there.

3 Your attention quotient

When you hold her face in your hands, when you notice her first pimple and when you pull back the strand of hair swaying on her face. Aah! She will love those sweet gestures of yours.

4 Look at her without blinking

When you go speechless and look at her continuously, trust me women love that. Probably that look gives them the feeling of a beauty queen and assures her that you love her the most. Who will not love that. 😉

5 The way you support her

When you stand by her in her tough times and hold her hand to say “I’m with you, Don’t worry”, she will hug you real tight.

6 Express love a gentleman

Hug her, hold her from the waist, lift her face up, continuously look into her eyes and you will see that blush in her eyes and her cheeks. Then if you kiss her, she’ll be all yours – forever.

7 Your protectiveness or care

Are you possessive or protective? Well, you might be angry, feeling jealous, having a fear of losing her or it’s your feeling of owning her – there’s a very thin line between the two P words. Girls find all these things cute and take them as a guarantee of true lover. But a word of caution: Don’t overdo it please!

8 When you try to reduce her workload

When you try to help her with your child’s homework, her office work or in the kitchen, trust me you will be the cutest for her. But you better not mess up the kitchen.

9 Feel protective

The way you protect her from the incoming traffic while taking the sidewalks, when you ask her to drive slow, she will definitely feel protected.

10 Small gestures that make her feel special

Like when she is sitting behind you on the bike, pull her hand, make her come close. Blushing she, will lie on you and hug you tightly.

11 Child in you

No doubt you prefer to be a handsome hunk but keep that kid alive in you, so that she can be a child to you and can treat you as her child.



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