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You’ll Be Shocked With Some Fact Busting On Bust Supporter!

A well-fitted bra is a woman’s best friend and a bad one her biggest enemy. But you will be shocked to know that 8 out of 10 women falter when picking their bras. While most do not know the right selection criterion, others are just plain lazy to put some thought into it. So you might be buying a high-end range, but if it is not the right fit it will still look pretty silly on you. We have for you today some facts that should be kept in mind when buying a bra, and fortunately, there are a wide variety of bras that could be great for you, for example, this great range of wire free bras that could fit you perfectly.

5 There are no standard cup sizes in this world

Yes we know, you just got totally baffled. But the fact of the matter is that every manufacturer and brand has a different measurement for their cup size. So 38 C in one brand might be 38 D in another. As a thumb rule, try the bra before buying it.

4 You cannot be the same size all your adult years

Every woman should know that the breast size changes every six and sometimes every three months too. Your age, weight gain or loss can play a major part in the size of bra that you wear. Pregnancy and menopause can also change your size. Before you buy a new bra, just check your correct size. And as a rule, if your band size changes, so will your cup size.

3 Color of the bra cannot camouflage what is inside it

Always look for a bra that suits your skin tone. If you wear a red bra inside a white shirt, then you really suck at camouflaging anything. As a rule, dark women should look for dark coloured bras and vice versa.

2 It is the back band and not straps that give you support

Most women have this misconception that broad straps will give extra support, where in fact it is the back band, which supports the entire weight of your boobs. If you don’t believe us, just slide off your straps and see if there is any decrease in the support. A well-fitted bra will always help you stand tall and be comfortable.

1 Sleeping with a bra on is perfectly fine

Sleeping with a bra on is perfectly fine. In fact, it will support your breasts and slow down the process of sagging. How you sleep and if you sleep with or without your bra is entirely your personal matter.



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