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Women Can Do Some Crazy Things Too!



If you think women are prim and proper all the time, then you are in for a shock..!!

Like men, women can do some really crazy things when nobody is watching.

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Women please don’t deny these!

1. When we shower and shampoo, we stare at the hair and wonder if we should sort it then, or let it go down the drain

2. We feel that sudden surge of moistness and wonder if it’s that time of the month, or just random wetness

3. We stretch out freshly washed jeans, by squatting really wide and low in them

4. We itch to take off the bra as soon as we reach home and scratch at all the biting points

5. We believe in wearing a pair of jeans, till the time it does not start looking filthy

6. Our biggest fear is of trapped farts, when we wear skinny and tight jeans

7. Don’t we all love the smooth feeling of the sheets, when we rub freshly waxed legs on them

8. Some days we just like to watch Pretty Woman and cry our heart out. And we also stare at the mirror while doing that

9. We love to check out the butts of other women and then compare them to ours

10. The same way as men adjust their groin area, we like to adjust our breasts. But we do it when nobody is watching

11. When we run down the stairs, we like to hold our boobs, if nobody is watching. It’s not funny!


Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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