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Get Ready For Some Winter Shopping In Delhi!

Delhi is colder and pleasant now. You don’t need to think twice before venturing out in the day for some shopping.

So wear your boots, take out your sweater, and go winter shopping in Delhi. And we are not hinting at select malls, go for shopping the old way. Call your friends and gear up for some shopping on the streets of Delhi.

And may we suggest, time to change your style statement this winter.

1. Lajpat Nagar Market

The market is located in the Southern end of Delhi. You can reach it by metro, cab or take a bus. The street has innumerable stalls and vendors selling every possible ware under the sky. And if your mommy is along, tell her to grab some great bargains on quilts and blankets. And when you get tired shopping, take a momos break and have some hot soup.

2. Sarojini Nagar market

A great option for budget shopping in Delhi! It is close to the Metro station and easily connected by auto, cab or bus. But before you decide to shop here, ensure that you are wearing your most comfortable pair of shoes. Shop for accessories, shoes and fashion trinkets. But we warn you, come with loads of patience and get ready to bargain till the last rupee. And once you are done shopping, have a pakora break with a warm cup of tea.

3. M-Block market in GK

If you are looking for the latest trends in fashion, and are willing to spend a little extra then this is the market for you. You get loads of options to shop, eat or just do window-shopping. And, if you are feeling really generous, then dine at one of the hi-end restaurants here.

4. Janpath

We all know about Janpath, and most of us have spent hours shopping here when in college. Well, the market is still worth a trip. The clothes are still hip and you can gets some crazy deals here, once you decide to stick to your guns. The market is also good for home décor and furniture. And once you are done, take a break with sandwiches and coffee at D’Pauls’.

5. Majnu-ka-Tilla

Majnu Ka

The market is located in North Delhi. You might think that is it worth the trip, but we assure you that it will be. The market is run by Tibetans and has some very winding and confusing lanes. You will smell Tibetan incense in the lanes, and hear Buddhist chants all around. Shop for shawls in yak wool, traditional Chinese ingredients and woolen sweaters. And regular shoppers will ask you to hunt for charms, herbal medicine and mushrooms here.

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