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10 Reasons Why Your Sister Is Your Best Travelmate

There are times when you so badly wanna travel to your favorite destination but you just can’t! Reason? Your parents don’t allow! Why? Because they don’t trust your friends accompanying you…

I know you can relate to this ‘coz this is a very common problem in an Indian household, even if it’s about going to a friend’s birthday party – at least it was when I was growing up.

Let me give you the most rapchik idea ever for going where you want and not being sacked…Take your sister along….WhhAAAAAttt..!! I know that’s what you’ll say but for a minute just try to think…when your sister is with you, a lot gets easier and trust me it even gets a lot more enjoyable.

Here are the 10 reasons why your sister is your best travelmate ever:

1. Easier Permit

Lol, true that..!!

When your parents know that you are both going together, then there a much higher chances of getting a permission. The trust factor actually doubles and that inhibition kinda fades away…

2. Full Defence

As a sister, she will always be by your side in all situations and will offer her maximum defence for you..even if it’s about a T-shirt not fitting you because of your girth..you never know she might get upset with the shopkeeper who just called you fat and break his nose – only to make you feel better…!!

3.Making plans together is so much easier

Being siblings you very often will have an inclination to the same kinda things and plans..which means lesser arguments about what you want to do and what she plans…there you go..chilling at the beach and sipping a martini with your sister gives you the best feeling in the world..trust me it’s tried and verified..!!


4. Selfie fever…full on

As much you hate it, but she will surely take some stupidly silly selfies of you and her together just to show her friends that she’s having so much fun with her sibling…something like ‘chilling out with the best brother in the world…love my lyf’. Lols, did I just give you a hint?? You’ll miss her when you look back at them…

best travelmate

5. You look at her as your ATM

True that…you shop, hop and shop and finally your card so psssssssst no credit and nothing left in the account and there’s this awwwh so beeeeuuutiful garment that you just wish you could have had the money for…with puppy eyes..you look at your sister and bingo…immediately there’s an ‘I love my sister’ feeling…you know it always works….haina..!!

best travelmate

6. Lesser packing

If your sister’s along she’ll probably have a lot in her baggage anyways so you might just borrow her stuff while holidaying. You might end up borrowing her facewash, cologne, shorts or even her pajamas. I am sure it isn’t a big deal anyways. So all that you’ll actually need is your basic things…Good now…get going..!!

best travelmate

7. Late night movie sessions together

You might end up watching the same movies at night and munch a tub full of popcorn not worrying about how you sound when you’re munching…ordering the ones that are your childhood favorites would be a good idea to relive the days gone by.

best travelmate

8. Lesser expenditure

This is the most important one ‘coz you might not want to share a room with your friend but you surely can share one with your sister…she knows your ‘aukaat‘ very well so being judgmental won’t be her characteristic when you dress up like a disaster or even when you fart while sleeping..!!

michael fart-khurki.net

9. Exploring the other side

You might always see her as the snobbish little nerd but when she’s holidaying with you..there are possibilities that she might end up being a completely different person..yes that’s true..sometimes we don’t see the other side of our sibling and perceive them to be boring…which at times is a complete block in our minds just cs we are the ones whom she’s not open enough with..So go out there and explore.


10. Re-bonding

You might love the bonding you have with your sister after so many years of not being in that comfort zone where you can hang out together and simply chill…taking our siblings for granted is our nature but sometimes a best friend is what we end up finding in the person we’ve always taken for granted.

best friends-khurki.net

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