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Why Is Nobody Blaming Virat Kohli Now? Ideally, He Should Shoulder The Failure


Priya Aurora
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Bombay Velvet has tanked at the box office. And since Anurag Kashyap has already booked his ticket for Paris, whom do we blame.

Despite a bankable star like Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar’s much is the movie sank like Titanic. Surprisingly, even Anushka’s pout could not save it.

So why aren’t we blaming Virat Kohli, after all the failure should be directly related to him. You can stop giving us that expression – WTF does Virat have to do with Bombay Velvet?

If we all blamed Anushka for not winning the World Cup, then obviously Virat should be blamed for Bombay Velvet‘s failure. And if Dil Dhadakne Do flops that will be his fault too.

Don’t we all know that it was Kohli who kept Anushka away from all promotions by taking her out on dinner dates, IPL matches and even to meet his parents.

So why is nobody talking starting the blame game? Have we matured in just a month or maybe we are a country of sexists who treat women as easy targets.

We also found some crazy explanations, which might never make sense to a sensible human being –

1. If behind every successful man there is a woman, then behind every unsuccessful woman there is a man

2. There are no retakes in a live match, but despite the retakes Anushka could not act

3. Nothing compares to cricket in this country. It is a religion

4. For the simple reason that she is not on the Indian team

5. We wonder if the movie had done well, would we appreciate Virat?

6. We can still start blaming him now

7. He never visited the sets when she was shooting

Isn’t it obvious you cannot blame Kohli for the bombing of a movie that was supposed to bomb anyway?

And we are talking about Kohli who might get us the next world Cup. Whereas the hopes of Anushka ever getting an Oscar are very bleak.

(Relax, this was meant in good humour)

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