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Why Is The Indian Youth So Confused?

Well well well! It is a long debate and a point of concern for many, but it is a tight-rope, as the youth of today is easily offended (pun intended)!

Yes, the Indian youth is confused and there are certain things that are keeping us from becoming one of the finest young populations of the world. Let’s take a look:

4 We are living a dual life

Yes, we all are living a dual life these days. We are situated somewhere between the west and the east. We are neither fully western nor Indian! We are a mixture and we are losing our sheen at being one.

Shockingly most of us can’t even converse in English language properly, for more than a few sentences, and we feel we are utterly westernized! There is no harm in being unable to converse in English, harmful is claiming to be Shakespeare!

3 We shun our customs

Most of the youth shuns traditional practices in order to sound and look “Cool”. Be it a Satya Narayan Ki Puja at our home or celebration of Indian festivals like doing vrats and sankrantis, we are not up for it. Nah! But we happily follow the likes of Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day. Why?! Because they are cool!

2 Foreign items attract us

The Canadawala cousin brought us a swanky watch and we are happy. Now, Canadawala cousin is criticizing every merchandise available in India, we are playing to his tunes. It’s okay to like anything, but it’s ridiculously silly to form opinions based on someone else’s “high-headedness”. We no longer like anything that is made in India. The government should probably withdraw the much coveted “Make in India” campaign??

1 Everyone is being cool

Everyone wants to be cool, that’s okay, but not at the cost of criticizing your homeland. We watch Hollywood series and movies and we have started to bash Bollywood or for that matter, anything that is even remotely Indian, in order to sound cool!

Where are we headed is the question and are we really real or everyone is living a “fantasy” life these days!?



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