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10 Reasons Why Indian Politics Is More Shitty Than Your Ass!

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Indian political system is the biggest debatable topic of our country. India is the largest democracy, yet each government is hated by the people. Sadly, we have valid reasons why Indian politics is more shitty than your ass.

Politics being referred to as a “dirty game” in the world’s largest democracy should be a matter of shame for us all. After all, all these “most hated people” are elected by us only. Instead of hating politics, we should start making efforts to clean it is what Nayak taught us, but there are many ‘ifs’ & ‘buts’ for us all.

Khurki with shame brings you the reasons Why Indian Politics Is More Shitty Than Your Ass!

12 There’s no basic qualification for becoming a politician in India

11 Our political system has failed to provide even the basics since Independence

10 ‘Na Karo Na Karne Do’ is the motto of all political parties

9 No politician has the guts to admit his/her failure

8 Raising your voice against a politician is not a good idea (we all know it by heart)

7 Politicians watch porn where the future of the country is being discussed


5 They make noise in Parliament instead of raising it in support of policies

4 They believe in serving themselves

3 9Laal Batti of a minister gets salute, Laal Batti of ambulance gets no way

2 They are of the people, by the people but NOT at all for the people!


Come next elections, please think about all these things before pressing the EVM button.



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