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Why Fall In Love Again? Do These Things Instead…

Why fall in love again?

Most of us start looking for love the moment we get dumped. We want to fill that gap as soon as possible.

But take a moment and look around. The world is such a beautiful place and you have so many options.

Khurki has for you today, some wonderful options, which you can try, instead of looking for love.

1. Sign up for a foreign language

Force your mind to think about something else, rather than the opposite sex.

2. Take a foreign trip

Move to any of the neighboring countries and come back only when you are ready.

3. Get a license for a two-wheeler

There is nothing like going for a drive, like a badass. Try it.

4. Get fit and become sexy

For a change appreciate yourself. Stretch your physical limits and see how far you can go.

5. Open your phone book and call up old friends

Time to value friendships more than affairs.

6. Pick an instrument and learn to play 

Go on the YouTube and make your videos. Connect with others like you.

7. Do some volunteer work

If you didn’t get what you want its time to give back for a change. You can’t imagine the pleasure that will give you.

8. Do something crazy

If you have been a good girl or boy all your life, time to explore your bad side. Go bungee jumping or paragliding.

9. Learn to do yoga

Why not join the wagon of people who are changing their life with yoga.

1o. Start writing a blog

Why not write an online diary and share your emotions out loud.



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