Who Needs A Valentine When You Have These!


Being single on Valentine Day is no big deal. The heart-shaped balloons might irk you and the PDA might make you nauseous after some time. Remember, you might not have a date but you do have a life. Who needs a Valentine when you can have the time of your life this Valentines by following our tips. Go for it!

Go watch a movie

Call up your other girl friends who are single and head to the movies. Pick an action flick, buy big buckets of popcorn and have a blast.

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Plan an anti-Valentine Day party

Keep the theme ‘love sucks’ and only allow a black dress code. And be sure to throw out people who turn up with flowers and candy.

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Book yourself a day at the spa

Treat yourself to a full day at a fancy spa. Get all the works done, right from the feet to the head.

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Take a trip out of the city

Book your tickets to that place you have always wanted to visit. And go wild on Valentines; it could be a cruise, a night under the stars or a dip in the sea.

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Book a table at the finest restaurant in town

Why splurge on a date when you can do it on yourself? Book a table for yourself and treat yourself to the finest dinner possible. And remember to have dessert too.

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Choose to stay at home and relax

If you think the couples will make you feel strange, then stay at home and avoid the mayhem altogether. Bake yourself a chocolate cake and devour it alone.

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Time to be the coolest aunt

Be the gregarious one and offer to baby sit the kids while your close relative goes out and has fun. Make their Valentines memorable!

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