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Different Ways In Which Men Piss, It Will Definitely Piss You Off!


Devashish Vaid
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Indian men are known for….umm, well actually nothing. But yes what they do in public is a head turner for sure. You read it right. People turn their heads away from these ‘peetarded’ people out there. This is not the problem of sanitation, it is a fact that all they want is to pee whenever & wherever. Khurki brings you these pee-ople who should behave, learn and start controlling the nature’s call for the nature’s sake!

Different Ways In Which Men Piss, It Will Definitely Piss You Off!

This guy with no shame at all


He’s the ‘Deewar’ of the ‘Pee-World’


I knew it!! They are taught the wrong way!


Just a bunch of shitting buddies hanging out


Pee-lease read, it’s everywhere to remind you Not To Pee!


This one is ‘Epee-ic’, but why is Mr Pee Senior is looking at it so closely


WATCH: Next time if you piss in public, you might get peed upon!!

But, when a girl couldn’t find a place to piss and she sat near those who were peeing on a wall, she was able to scare the ‘pee’ out of them!

If you like it, share it people, and stay healthy and stay Happee always!

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