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15 Things To Do On A Couch, Don’t Just Sleep!


Couch has long been a word used for all the wrong reasons.

If you happen to blurt it out in front of a normal Hindustani, then you might end up getting a reaction which is so related to poor Rakhi Sawant being exploited on the casting couch, Sunny Leone being called for late night auditions on the couch for a homely role in a decent Hindi movie. (hearty laughter – good I had my share too)

The moment you think of spending a day on the couch whilst watching something on the tv on that white gloss tv unit, immediately your brain cells type in the name of a site on your brain’s search engine and you think of all the poses you wish to experiment on the little fluffy piece of foam…!!

But there is much more to it…you can do a lot on your couch besides merely having sex….wanna know what…keep reading…

1. Take a nap

If you wish to surrender yourself to deep meditation and want to relax your body completely, then a long nap on the couch is a must. Try it – you’ll feel very relaxed.


2. Cuddle and get rid of problems

Get someone else to come lie down with you for a cuddle. There is nothing better than a cuddle on the couch. And while you are cuddling, you might just find the solution to some problems as well.

3. Catch up on all the reads you missed

Read a good book. It’s a really good way of forgetting all your worries and drift into another world for a while.

4. Humming away the blues

Listen to your favorite podcast. Music is the best way to pass time. Tune in to your favorite radio station and get some groovy music for your ears.

5. The idiot box of course

Watch some stand-up comedy and laugh. Laughing makes life better.

6. Spend time with yourself

Download a personal development book to your iPad and learn something new about yourself.

7. Teaching family how to please you

Google some new recipes that you want to try. Send one recipe to your hubby/wife/son/aunt and get them to cook you dinner (you’re not going to get off the couch after all!!).

8. Use the phone for what it’s meant to

Call your long-forgotten buddies and tell them that you’re still alive – dunno whether they care or not but it’s the best way of zaleel-ing them.

9. Use the time to inspire

Find 10 inspirational quotes or pictures you can use as desktop background, print them and put on your office desk or fridge. Sometimes, we just need a little pick me up in everyday life. A good quote can change your mood and your attitude completely.

10. Just lie like a sponge

Meditate, breath all the way down to your belly and just be.

11. Return to childhood

Play a video game, especially a Mario or Contra to relive your childhood days.

12. Mmmmnnnn…enjoy the oils!

Get a pampering session arranged for yourself. Call for a home massage service (dimaag ke ghode mat daudao) and enjoy a relaxing oil massage while lying on your couch. You could even invest in massage oil wholesale and make it a regular treat. Having regular massages isn’t just good for your muscles and relaxing, but it’s also great for your skin care. Using the right Massage Oil for you is crucial as while you are being massaged, your skin could be benefitting too!

13. Bored? Go the board way

Play a board game with your friends or family – Ludo, Chess, Scrabble for example.

14. E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E

Do a few exercises while lying down on your couch. You could raise your legs (don’t be distracted please) and start virtual cycling in the air, try yoga asanas, flap your arms or try doing something that stretches your muscles.

15. Gorge on whatever you can lay your hands on

Finally, when you’ve done it all, order for a giant pizza and call for your favourites to share it with you on the couch. The get-together is definitely worth it.

Everything said and done, it’s always advisable to not lay on the couch for more than a few hours as you might end up being tagged as a couch potato – which might sound tasty but is actually a ‘baesti’.

Happy couching 🙂



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