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What If These Rock Bands Were Inspired By ‘Make In India’?


Devashish Vaid
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Rock bands from the West have always been a craze among the Indian audience. People just madly fall in love with the band members or even the band as a whole.

But Khurki is known to make fans and troll the fan makers like these. So with NaMo’s ‘Make In India’ growing as a campaign, what if these top bands from the West were made right here in India.

Khurki brings to you these top Rock Bands/चट्टान  बाजे but with their ‘Hindi’ names!!

Guns & Roses – “बंदूकें और गुलाब”

Backstreet Boys – “पिछली  गली के लड़के”

Collective Soul – “सामूहिक आत्मा”

Rock Bands

BoyZone – “लड़कों का क्षेत्र”

Rock Bands

Westlife – “पश्चिम जीवन”

Rock Bands

Pet Shop Boys – “पालतू जानवरों की दुकान के लड़के”

Rock Bands

Spice Girls – “मसालेदार लड़कीयाँ”

New Kids On The Block – “नए लड़के खंड पर”

Rock Bands

One Direction – “एक दिशा”

Fifth Harmony – “पांचवा मेल मिलाप”

Rock Bands

Destiny’s Child – “भाग्यशाली बच्चा”

Sugababes – “चीनी लड़कीयाँ”

Metallica – “धातु का”

Rock Bands

The Smashing Pumpkins – “मुंहतोड़ कद्दू”

Twenty One Pilots – “इक्कीस हवाबाज़”

Daddy Yankee – “पिता जी लुच्चे”

Big Time Rush – “बड़ी भारी हड़बड़ी”

Panic! At The Disco – “नाचघर  में आतंक”

Rock Bands

Cold Play – “ठंडा खेल”

The Rolling Stones – “लोटते हुऐ पत्थर”

Rock Bands

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan – “खुद सोचें और बताएं”

Yes, it’s a rock band registered with MTV!!

So if you can name such bands with their Hindi names, comment section is waiting for you..

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