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What Does The Colour Of Your Sheets Mean?

Do you go into a home furnishing store and always end up buying red satin sheets? Well, if you thought that was a co-incidence, it is not. The colour of your sheets and their fabric can play an important part on your mood.


Find out what the colour of your sheet signifies.

1. Stark white 


White is the colour of purity, so if you are looking for a night without action, go for white.

2. Sky blue 


If you chose a sheet with small flowers and a shade of blue, you are a decent person who gives a lot of value to his beauty sleep. Blue is a healing colour for the soul.

3. Green


If have a tiring job and you come home tired, then look for green sheets with lovely flowers. The green will make your bond even stronger.

4. Brown

Brown and green sheets are getting popular by the day. These colours of nature are known to relax your muscles and calm your nerves.

5. Sunshine yellow

All shades of yellow and green will lift your spirit and make you feel alive. Look for sheets with animal prints and get inspired for bedroom action.

6. Red hot

Red is the colour of passion and love. A set of red satin sheets will surely make any man get ready and ticking.

Here’s A Man’s Guide To Bed Linen – How To Buy The Right Bedding:

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