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Know What Your Body Piercing Says About You!


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Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

Many people see the human body as a canvas for decorating and modifying. This is true across multiple cultures and even time periods. Body piercinghas been seen in a wide range of cultures throughout the world. In fact, the earliest evidence we have of body piercing is a stone relief from Nimrud, Iraq that depicts a man with a pierced ear. This is around the 9th century BC. Also, the world’s oldest mummified body (over 5,000 years old) actually had an ear piercing from 7-11 mm in diameter. Today, it is being done on almost every and any body part. From earrings to a Prince Albert gauge, people are finding different ways to add jewellery to their bodies. It adds an element of jazz to your otherwise laid back, boring look. Wouldn’t it be interesting to share a few meanings of body piercings?

Highlighting the eyebrow

These people are merely poseurs and with an eyebrow piercing, they think they will appear more rough and tough.

Image Source
Image Source

On the tongue

To the men out there reading this, if you are looking for a quick and immense pleasure in your bathroom then find a girl with a tongue ring and you are good to go.

Image Source
Image Source

Most common nostril pierce

Most women who have this type of piercing are ‘bitches’. Before you react to my use of the word, take note that these women are usually the first ones to admit it.

Image Source
Image Source

Nipple Piercing

It makes the nipples larger, more sensitive, and more sexually attractive and it provides constant stimulation. Also reported among gay men!

Image Source
Image Source

Earl piercing

Want To Stand Out Of The Crowd? Get A Bridge Piercing!

Image Source
Image Source

Nape of the neck

These are people who really wanted a surface piercing, but didn’t have the guts to get it somewhere it would actually show.

Image Source
Image Source

Ear Cartilage

You were probably a wannabe rebel when you got it at 14 years old, but that never went anywhere and you are just boring now.

Snazzy belly button

You probably were a wild child back in the day when you got it, but have calmed down. You keep it in, because the hole is awkwardly large now. 😉

Image Source
Image Source

Ouch the septum

They think they are either trendsetter, a bull or trendsetting bull.

Image Source
Image Source

Unconventional Piercing

These are the people I feel the most sorry for. If you ever come across a person with mind-boggling piercings in places that should never have a hole in them, you can be rest assured that they probably weren’t hugged enough as a child by their parents. I would suggest giving them a hug and telling them everything is alright.

Image Source
Image Source


Well! You want to know what your piercing says about you and what message it gives to the world? Look no further!

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