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What Attracts Mika Singh Towards Controversies?

Mika, Mika, Mika! How do you do it every time? Kabhi yeh to kabhi woh! Controversies don’t spare you or is it the other way round? Khurki digs out all that has been controversial and messy about the Ae Ganpat singer!

1. Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant Kissing


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Mika Singh, in his initial days in Bollywood, created ripples in the industry by forcefully kissing Rakhi Sawant.

2. Illegally sending people out of country

Mika Singh, along with his brother Daler Mehndi, was accused of sending people outside India illegally.

3. Hit and run case


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Just like Salman Khan, Mika Singh was also accused of running his car over a few people. He said he helped the victims, but he was rather blamed for this.

4. Delhi slapgate controversy

Mika Singh hogged the limelight for slapping a doctor at a Delhi event. However, he has clarified in a press statement that he slapped the person for swearing and misbehaving with women present at the event.

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Team Khurki
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