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What Are The 21 Signs Of A Kid From A Small Town?

Even if you want, you won’t be able to hide the symptoms. Children who are born and brought up in small towns, tend to miss out on the real world.

They have secure, kind of monotonous lives, where nothing exciting happens.

That doesn’t mean that they are any less than the street smart metro kids. We are talking of simple souls with happy hearts here.

So if you were a kid in a small town:

1. Everybody in town would know your name, or probably call you as Mr Sharma’s son

2. You would probably go for a walk with your door unlocked

3. People, parents and the whole town only care about the high school football tournament

4. Going to a movie, eating out, shopping are your ideas of extreme fun

5. Your father could park his car anywhere and walk off

6. Social occasions or gossip sessions are scheduled for weddings, garbhas, mundane functions


7. You don’t say your town name when asked

8. Instead you say – I live just 2 hours away from Bangalore

9. It is highly likely that you know how to milk a cow. Seriously!


10. You give directions using the town landmarks. Go left from the statue of Gandhi and right from the bakery


12. If you dialed a wrong number, the person who picked up would most probably give you the correct number

Small town

13. The local grocery man sent your milk and bread home without charging your credit card

14. The teachers always preferred to call you by your older sister’s name. They might have taught your parents too

15. Letters, flowers, gifts, parcels never got lost. The postman just had to read your name

16. An exciting day was driving to the closest Domino’s 50 km away

Small town

17. The only time your town had a traffic jam was at the time of school starting and closing

18. You could stay out late and your mom would be well informed by who all saw you


19. Your parents would be home by 5:30 and spend the whole evening at home

20. The school would take you to the movies or the theatre every time Jurassic Park or Samrat Shankar came to town


21. Everybody dies famous in a small town

How many of us agree? Well, I can relate to half of them! Share your experiences with us in the comment box below….

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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