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Are You One Of Those Well-Liked Persons? Check Our List!


Take any group, you will always find that certain element who’s well-liked by everyone, just like a pair of favourite under pants or the much-wanted ‘chicken leg-piece’!!! Certain qualities exemplify a person, check if you’re on the list:

10 Ask for nothing

Not because they do it as a show-off, but because it’s just not in them!!

9 Laugh at themselves

Because ‘irritation, jealousy and anger’ are on the ‘best-avoided’ list.

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8 Listen with interest

It makes you a good listener and once you start listening to people, you figure on the ‘favourite’ list!

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7 Rarely complain

The ones who do, always get into unnecessary limelight.

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6 Inspire

Be motivational and never use discouraging words.

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5 Teach

A genuine person would make an effort to correct you and show you the right when you’re wrong.

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4 Give

Good people never lack this. It makes them happy, not on the outside… but on the inside!

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3 Help out of nowhere

Probably, that’s what lands them in the ‘well-liked’ category!

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2 Fake is an ‘unheard’ word

They probably like to keep it real.

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1 Adjustable

And they don’t scream and shout when it’s not their way, they know the ‘adjustable techniques’.

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