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Weird, Yet Useful Japanese Innovations. We Need The One At No. 8!


Japan has a reputation for producing some downright weird stuff. In fact, the word “chindogu” even refers to inventions that are technically practical, but utterly eccentric in their execution. These products are so bizarre, they’re not actually meant to be produced.

But many questionably useful Japanese products actually exist in circulation, and we’re defending some of the “strange” ones. Sure, they may be a bit excessive — but useless? Not quite.

1. Urusakunai Kara OK! Mute Microphone USB

I admit that this microphone looks ridiculous. Fortunately, it is not meant to be used in public.

This innovation is perfect for singing when you don’t want to disturb your neighbors — or when you just don’t want to hear the sound of your own singing voice. (Your hairbrush certainly can’t do that.)

2. Banana Keeper

Ever experienced a squished banana at the bottom of your bag? Not nice. Not nice at all.

3. Easy Butter Former

One tikki of butter magically transforms into thin ribbons of buttery goodness, so you get a lot more butter for your popped up bread toast.yum yum

4.Summer Cooling Sprays

The sweat and heat will make you willing to try anything that provides relief from the sun. These sprays look strange in their application — much like spraying shaving cream directly on your arm — but they provide a sweet cooling relief.

5. Public Transport Helmet

For all those who fall asleep while travelling, this one’s a sure shot option. No more swaying in the air and falling onto people’s shoulders while sleeping.

6. Hug Pillow for a lonely woman

Loneliness? Try a hug with our all new Hug Pillow. You won’t miss your man anymore…lol

7. Lap Pillow for lonely men

Yeah yeah, this surely looks weird but have you ever missed that feeling of sleeping in someone’s lap? If yes, then no more weeping while sleeping…go get the lap pillow today!

8. Laptop Pillow

Everyone who goes to office knows that post-lunch there is this time when you just can’t keep your eyes open, no matter how hard you try. Sleep on your laptop in a better way now, try the workaholic laptop pillow.

9. Full Cover Umbrella

When it rains and you are ready to go for an important interview, this one will certainly save you from a lot of drenching in the rain. Helpful, haina..!!!

10. Eye Drop Funnels

This ones for all those who keep dropping their ophthalmic medicines on their face at dosage time. These funnels make sure that the medicine reaches directly inside the eye lids and does wonders.

In case you wish to buy these products, then book a ticket to Japan and try looking out for more such stuff. Get pictures with complete details and we shall post them here.

Kya pata kisi akeli ladki ko kisi naye dhang se koi hug miljae 😉



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