Did You Know These Weird Uses Of Toothpaste?


We all think that toothpaste can only be used for making teeth white and making our gums strong. But that’s not true; the humble toothpaste has other uses too. We found some other uses for you, which have nothing to do with teeth. Do try them and let us know if they worked for you.

To clean smelling palms

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If your hands are smelling of onions and garlic and you want them to smell fresh again, then grab a tube. Just rub a small amount on the palms and fingers and then rinse it off with water.

To clean your precious jewelry

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You might know about this one, but have doubts about its usefulness. People have been cleaning metals with toothpaste since the day it was invented.

To clean crayon stains

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If your kid likes to scribble on the walls, then next time he or she does it don’t fret. Toothpaste can be used to remove crayons very easily.

To defog sports eyewear

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If your sunglasses are looking very foggy after constant use, then try cleaning with toothpaste next time. You will see that it will remove the dirt between the glasses too.

To remove blemishes and pimples

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It does sound shocking, but toothpaste is very effective on all kinds of skin irritations. In fact, if you have to attend a party in the evening, dab some in the morning.

To have healthy nails

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It is known for a fact that it is as good for the nails as the teeth. It can be used to clean them both. Try for a few days and you will soon notice how strong your nails become.

Toothpaste to clean baby bottles

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The rancid smell form baby milk bottles can be removed by rinsing the bottles with toothpaste. They will start smelling like new.

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