Food Names That Can Make You Cry, Laugh Or Puke!


We all are so picky about what we eat, how it is packed and what it is called. The picture and the logo play a very important in the consumer psyche.

Food companies spend millions on marketing and consumer psychology. So when we tumbled onto these pictures, the first thing we thought was – WTF were they thinking when naming these products.

But we know for sure that somebody must have lost his job somewhere, after the product was launched.

1. No, you won’t become a slut if you have this

2. Now who would want to eat that?

3. Well this is an interesting one, you’ll have to try it to know it

4. Why would somebody name a cake this and have it too?

5. Game for eating pussy?

6. This is a disturbing one, they must have been stoned to approve this

7. The name was making us pukish. What about you?

8. Fresh ‘cemen’ dip! Who’s game?

9. A hot drink that tastes like ‘urine’? Yuck!

10. A jam that tastes like grandma. Whose grandma?

We hope you did not throw up reading this.

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