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Think Weekend…Here’s A List of Must-Watch Romantic Movies!


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Prachi Sehgal
Always high on drug known as Hollywood. From songs to movies to TV series, she loves them all more than anything else in this world.

Our selected movies have hot scenes and great dialogues too. They take you through a journey of drama and conflict. So grab your box of tissues and get ready for an emotional ride. And remember to keep your popcorn and box of cookies close by. We promise you heartbreak and heartache.

Brief Encounter

The movie is perfect for people who believe in love at first sight. The main characters in the movie meet at a train station and fall madly in love. But the catch to the plot is that they both are already married.

Image Source
Image Source

An Affair to Remember

If you haven’t seen this movie, see it today. The leads fall in love on a cruise. They are already committed to other parties. So they decide to meet at the top of Empire State Building after six months, and we won’t tell you more than that.

Image Source
Image Source

Moulin Rouge

The movie is set in 1900 and is a musical that every romantic must see. It has a Bohemian theme, which makes it an exceptional movie. The movie has a handpicked cast.

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Image Source

Steel Magnolias

The film is about the bond a group of different women share in a small-town southern community, and how they cope with the death of one of their own. If you really like movies in which the main lead dies, then this is the movie.

Image Source
Image Source

Blue Valentine

The movie on the outside looks like a normal marriage story. But once you probe deeper, you will realize that the perfect couple is dealing with the problem of alcoholism.

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Image Source

P.S. I Love You

In most movies, the lead or two die in the end, but in this movie they die right in the beginning. This list would have been incomplete without this movie, so you know how important this movie is.

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