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9 Ways In Which Atheists Are Stereotyped By Us!



As most of the words find their origin in Greek or Latin, the word atheist too originated from Greek word atheos, meaning without Gods. There are many atheists around the globe who are being stereotyped as anti-God people.

No matter what sect you believe in or where you belong to, you will be stereotyped for being that. In broader sense, if you are an American you will be judged as being a person with superiority complex.

Khurki has 9 ways in which atheists are stereotyped by all of us:

That they are anti-God


No they are not, if somebody doesn’t believe in something, it doesn’t mean they are against it. They just don’t believe in God and that should be a very simple fact to digest.

That they are protesters!


As shown in various Hollywood and Bollywood films, atheist are always fighting against God or his believers. But that is just not right. They are not fighting against anything or protesting about there beliefs or no beliefs. They are simply non-believers.

They are rude and not caring


I seriously don’t get this logic. If somebody is a non-believer, that doesn’t mean he will be angry all the time and will not do charity. Well, I know many believers who don’t do charity at all. Atheists are not bad people, but simply non-believers.

All they do is promote atheism


No that is not true at all. Unlike our religious groups, all atheist don’t do that. And the right to practice anything whatsoever is a choice.

Atheists will not have peace in their life


Well, the tolerance and intolerance debate is all about the strongest believers of the biggest religions of the world. And it is obvious to state that these debates are not at all something which give you peace. Not believing in God doesn’t mean their life is not at peace.

They are less trustworthy


Atheists are many times accused of not being trustworthy, but why?  Why would you not trust a person who doesn’t believe in God. He is no less human and he is not a person who doesn’t have ethics. Of course he does, so stop stereotyping.

That they are anti theists


Yet another stupid notion. There might be some but most of them are non-believers. Prefix ‘a’ is not always anti, it means ‘non’ as well. Hence, they can be just non-believers against nothing and nobody.

They are misguided in life


Now this one is crossing all limits of being ridiculous. The so-called believers and intelligent people in life say that they are misguided. They don’t know on what they supposed to walk. I guess simply walking at waiting to see what life unfolds in front of you is a simpler, easier way of living.

They don’t have any ethics or fundamentals


This is not a sign of being human. Living in a society is a sign of sanity that you live and let live. Even if there is somebody with fundamentals different from yours or with no fundamentals at all, you have to accept them. And an atheist doesn’t mean a person without ethics and rules or fundamentals for that matter.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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